The Hole

This morning I was on the phone with JSP when suddenly Renante (driver) called me on my cellphone and I screamed at him on top of my lungs. JSP asked me what it was all about and just as I was telling him he stopped me in the middle of my sentence.

“Stop right there.”

Eh di siempre mas lalo akong na bwisit.

tatanong ka dyan tapos ayaw mo makinig. ‘wag mo nga akong lalong bwisitin!”

“I don’t need to know all about it. I just want you to stop screaming and don’t get yourself affected with little things like that. Don’t act like an old bitch cos you will look like an old bitch. Sorry, but you’re acting like an old woman already.

Listen and listen well. Imagine there’s a hole in front of you. Don’t jump inside that hole. Cos the minute you go inside that hole you’ll have a hard time getting out. And that will wear you out.

Walk around the hole. Look at the hole and just laugh at it. Act young. Giggle at the hole, don’t jump inside.”

saan ba yang lecheng hole na yan?”

It’s really easy to say the hole parody. But when you’re face with certain situations on a daily basis it is difficult not to get affected. First thing you do is jump in that hole as fast as you can.

Most especially when you’re right in the middle of menopausal you want to jump in all the holes.

I promise myself that starting this year I will dress up everyday for work. Even if my office is just at home. This is to motivate me more and I won’t get tamad.

I was successful in doing it for a week and a half now, but today I didn’t feel well when I woke up. I decided to just work in my jammies.

“what happened to your dressing up everyday for work?”

nag call in sick ako.

“you jumped right inside the hole again.”




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