I brought Vito to the airport the other day and Vinny accompanied me. On our way home we started to miss Vito and we were both sad. We tried not to think about it so he made me kwento.

When he was in Peru his left point finger got infected. I knew about that incident because he called me and asked me to call up Dr. Celdran and check if he was given the right anti biotics. Dr. Celdran said yes, it’s the right antibiotics and told me to let him drink it at least 5 days to a week. By then the swelling should subside already. Dr. Celdran assured me there’s nothing to worry about.

I thought that was the end of the story. He never said anything after that.

What happened was after drinking the anti biotics for a week his finger became more swollen and more painful. You can’t even touch it. So he brought himself to the hospital. He didn’t tell me about it because he knows I would just be worried.

The Doctor told him that he needed to drain the puss. Vinny asked him: “Tienes dolor?” (is it going to be painful?) The Doctor replied: “un poquito dolor.” (little pain only)

He told me the Doctor was not gentle in handling his finger even if knows that he was in pain. He took out a very long and big needle and just pricked his finger all of a sudden. He said it was so painful that his knees felt like it melted.

I asked him: “what did you do?”

“I screamed mom and talagang nag mura ako! It was very, very painful. When I got back to the hotel I googled it and the Doctor was suppose to give me anesthesia for that kind of procedure.”

“paano ka nag mura?”

“Puta**g inaaaaaaang DOLOR!

Kawawa naman si Dolor na mura tuloy.

We still miss Vito and we were still sad on our way home.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.42.16 PM


  • Uy, kaluoy tawon sa imong anak! That is really not nice at all when doctors are cheap and have that sadistic streak., because that is really what it is.

    • ‘cile and the hospital daw looked like a honky tonk facility. Dirty and very outdated. Susmaryosep. Good thing hindi na tetanus. He was describing me how that so called doctor poked at his finger. Muntik ako na himatay!

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