Outfit of the day – White T-shirt

I can’t have enough of white tshirt. I’m all about white tshirt.

I discovered recently how to keep up with my fast turn over of my white tshirts. White tshirt don’t remain white for a long time. So, I end up buying all the time.

I normally buy my basic white tshirts in Zara. Zara last long. H&M and Forever21 don’t. Zara last longer cos it’s of better quality than H&M & Forever21 but like I said it doesn’t remain white. At least for me.

Now comes Hanes.

Cheap, they last long and good quality. And it comes in different colors. I hoarded on greys, blacks & whites.

Problem solved.

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Top: Hanes

Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: Antica Couieria (a local brand in Milan Italy)

Bag: Valentino

Shades: Topshop



  • Wow, now that’s a great clothing discovery! I’ll buy Hanes t-shirts pronto! 🙂

  • I have now gone back to Hanes black shirts. They last longer despite the number of washes they go through. I got rid of the old ones because they are too loose for me.

    • Hello maam i love your style! May i know what size your shirt is? Men’s or ladies’s fit? Very nice indeed!

      • Hi, Hershey!
        We have small, medium & large. But our t shirt comes in one size only. Fits all.

        This particular one I am wearing is medium.


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