The New Year Has Started

Whether we like it or not the new year has started.

Today we took down the tree in our home. It’s a good time to take it down since the kids are away for the week end (altho Vinny arrived from Pagupud early today). Not a single christmas decor is left and no trace of the season, whatsoever.

Next week I’m planning to redecorate the house. I am going to buy new flower arrangements. We had our old ones for maybe 4 years already.

First week of December I finally was able to do something about our lanai. I ordered some new cushion covers. Refurbished the set and will hunt for an additional set this year.

One of my plans include rearranging our living room upstairs. I want to put a huge life size mirror. Get rid of the huge book shelf we had since the kids were small.

Ahhh… the things that I’m planning to do is endless. I just wish I’d be able to do all of it in this lifetime. hahaha.

There’s a whole lot of rearranging when it comes to my life, too. I hope I’d be able to do it all this year. I’m too excited of all the changes I’m about to do. I feel that 2014 is definitely a good year for me.

Hell, yea.

I’m more relaxed now. I believed that if things are meant to happen it will happen. If not then there’s something else waiting. Whatever it is. Life is good. I believe so.

And oh by the way, Willow Jewelry Newsletter is out already. You can check your email for those who subscribed. I will be doing another giveaway next month for our first year anniversary. yay.

I’m also excited for the launching of our new products which will happen soon. Believe me it’s beautiful. And affordable.

One of things that I’m happy about is being able to screen the people around me. I am keeping the people who I trust and avoid the toxic ones by all means. I don’t need a whole barangay, I just need a few trusted ones. And I love the people in my life now.

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” – Margaret Thatcher




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