The True Essence Of Santa Claus

I saw this video going around Facebook this morning and it made me tear up. Of course how nice if there is really a Santa and gives us anything we want.

But we must not forget the real meaning of Santa.

“Miracles do happen if we work as one.” – Santa Claus.

I believed in Santa myself. Up to a certain age. There will come a time ma bubuking talaga. I am very thankful to my mommy who in her own way gave us a happy childhood. She made sure we had the best Christmas.

She did the whole routine. Shopped toys behind our backs, wrapped it put it in the tree on Christmas eve while we are all asleep. She did this all through out our childhood.

I did that myself to my own kids. But ang bilis ko na buking! Claudia was the one who caught me. She told her brothers: “there’s no Santa Claus. Santa Claus is Mommy! Look (she showed the gifts) it’s mommy’s handwriting!” And I said: “Santa told me to write for him! Kasi wala syang time.” And which Claudia replied: “stop lying Mom! There’s no Santa!”

The true essence of Santa Claus I believe is the joy of giving. We have to be a Santa to someone. Someone we love, someone who needs help, there must be someone out there.

When Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines the whole world became Santa Claus. That’s the true essence of Santa Claus.

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