Europe Stories 2 – Paris

I got sick (cough & cold) on our last day in Paris.

The night before we watched a show in Moulin Rouge. We got out of the theater a little after midnight and the temperature dropped.

It took us a long time to get a cab. It’s different there, you have to go to the taxi stand to get a cab. Hindi mo pwedeng parahin ang taxi maski saan saan lang like here. By the time we got to the taxi stand the line was already very long full of theater goers. So we stood there and waited for our turn. We stood there freezing.

I really thought I was going to die of hypothermia. I swear to god. It was so cold. When our turn came I literally jumped inside the cab! When we got to the hotel I knew already I was going to get sick. I was never exposed to that kind of temperature ever in my life.

True enough by 4am I woke up with clogged nose and shivering. Oh god. Thinking of our long trip back home the more I felt bad.

I was planning to just stay in the hotel the whole day so I can rest before our long trip back home. It was a sunday and everything is close every sunday even restaurants. Except the shops in Champs Elyesee. Thats the only place that opens on sundays.

By noon time I felt a little bit better. I didn’t want to eat hotel food on my last day so we took a cab to Champs Elysee. I was surprised when we got there. So many people. All tourists. From the tip to the end of Champs Elysee was full of tourists. We had a leisurely lunch and after we tried to walk around. Wala pang 5 minutes I needed to go inside a shop to warm myself. It was really cold even if it was sunny. The minute the wind blows it was cold to the bone.

I ended shopping again cos I couldn’t stand the cold outside. I went inside Sephora and the Sephora in Champs Elysee was huge! (there was a Sephora across my hotel and that’s where I went shopping.) Even if it was huge it was still packed. It was so overwhelming but I still manage to buy a few cosmetics. You will never go out of Sephora without buying anything!

When I couldn’t take the cold any longer I went ahead and took a cab and went back to the hotel. My cab driver was a middle age French woman. She was very nice and chatty. She hated the Romanians that invaded France ever since France joined the European union and opened their frontier. She was right I sympathised with her. There are a lot of Romanians roaming in Paris now. No work and begging and sleeping in the streets. This is what you have to be careful when you go to Paris. The Romanian pickpockets.

When I got to the hotel I started to pack. Our flight was at 2pm and we need to leave the hotel by 10am. I had to use the extra luggage that we brought. I knew that there’s no way we wont be over weight.

By 5pm my friend Marilyn Mares who lives in Paris with her French husband and 2 daughters dropped by my hotel. We had fun talking and catching up and her 2 daughters Camille and Laura are so pretty. From day one Marilyn already offered to drive for us anywhere we want to go. But our schedule was just so erratic and I didn’t want her waiting for me while I shopped.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 13
my friend Marilyn Mares
Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 14
her daughter, Camille
Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 15
her youngest daughter, Laura
Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 12
it was so sweet of them to visit me and brought me lots of French chocolates!

Inspite of the cold weather I totally enjoyed Paris. I always do. That’s why everytime we travel to Europe Paris is always in our itinerary.


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