Honouring yourself.

Sometimes you accidentally come across something. A quote, a song, a prayer, a moment, a scent… anything that will wake you up and validate what you feel. It’s like something is guiding you to a place where you finally understand all the whys.

Your needs don’t make you too much. They don’t make you selfish or weak or greedy. They make you human.

We all have needs. And those hungers aren’t something we should feel ashamed of. They’re normal, we didn’t get enough of them as children hungers.

Affections we’ve been deprived of by the people who are supposed to care for us.

Connections we needed to feel whole and spaces we needed to feel safe.

Cravings we’ve been taught we didn’t deserve.

Appetites we’ve learned to suppress and fill with guilt.

Again and again we’ve neglected our needs because we’ve been taught that they were too much – that we were too much. But we don’t have to any longer. You don’t have to. Whether you need support, alone time, affection, connection, validation, or reassurance that you are loved – it is more than okay to ask for what you need.

Making your needs known isn’t about being demanding or selfish. It’s about self-care. It’s about creating a safer space for yourself. It’s about using your voice and speaking your truth. It’s about giving yourself permission to take space. It’s about listening to your hungers and honouring them.

It’s about honouring yourself.”

Daniell Koepke

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