Europe Stories part 1 – Milan

I was so excited when we arrived in Milan. We flew in around 9pm.

The following morning when I was looking for something to wear di ko maintindihan kung ano isusuot ko! I know I need to layer cos it was cold. And I was kinda conscious cos  the women there are very fashionable. I needed/had to blend with the locals. That was my main goal. Dapat hindi ako mag mukhang tourist. Dapat mukha akong Italian.

I’m not used to layering so bahala na basta pinatung patung ko na lang and finished it off with riding boots or ankle boots and a nice warm scarf.

When I got to the breakfast buffet the following morning I saw 2 women and a gay guy in the next table. They looked so nice. Very Italian. Very effortlessly fashionable. Parang normal lang sa kanila. Gusot pa suot nila but very fashionably gusot. My mouth dropped. Oh god, I wanna be like them.

I wanted to take pictures a la The Satorialist but I was just so overwhelmed. I kept on forgetting to take pictures cos I was so busy looking at the people passing by. Hirap na hirap ako to dress up but for them it was just so normal. So effortlessly chic.

I kinda went crazy in Milan. Like I said I shopped there more than I did in Paris. I like the old architecture of the city. Typical European.

They don’t call it malls. They call it Galeria. But more on a department store type. There were a few mall type. I got confused with all the Corsos and all the Galerias going on in the Duomo area.

Claudia wanted a Philip Lim bag and we couldn’t find it in Monte Napoleone (the street were all the brand names are) so we googled it and found a Philip Lim section in one of the department store type in one of the Galerias in one of the Corsos. See what I mean?

But I was so happy I found it cos it was more a challenge to me more than anything else. Looking for a Philip Lim store in Milan.

Anyway, I was more into these unknown Italian shops of local brands. I told myself I won’t leave Milan until I buy an authentic Italian shoes and bags by a local brand. Back in the days Italian shoes and bags were so in. Basta “made in Italy.” Ang uso kasi ngayon made in China.

There were a lot of small Italian shops all over. I wished I was able to take pictures but like I said I got overwhelmed and forgot to take pictures.

I love ballet flats. Buti na lang I found some even in the middle of autumn among the sea of boots:

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2
I love this one! Made of really nice quality leather. Not hard and not soft. And I love the brown color. Just exactly the color I want.
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3
Another favorite. Love the cement color and the material. I don’t know what you call this material. It’s not suede.
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 7
I love this raw dark brown ankle boots! I had to buy another pair cos ankle boots is so legit now. Everyone there were all about ankle boots or riding boots.
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 4
Bought another pair of riding boots. What I brought was a brown one and I didn’t have a black one.
I super love this Brogues! I own a lot of brogues but this one is my favorite now. I bought this in a small shop just beside our hotel. Claudia just came from Hongkong over the week end and she bought exactly like this a Ralph Lauren but in lighter brown. She was telling me: “mom, wingtips are so legit in HK now! Everyone as in everyone are all wearing wingtips and houndstooth pattern.”


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1
Leopard print clutch! How can you go wrong? Love.
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5
wrist bag. So Valentino.
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6
A faux croc leather black tote. Bought this on sale.

This is what I mean when you say “made in Italy.” Really good quality of leather and  impeccable craftsmanship. The generation now are exposed to the “made in China” quality. I pity them. You have to experience the luxury of Italian leather and Italian craftsmanship.

I was able to find really nice pieces of clothing in random Italian shops. Kinda pricey but really worth it.

I love the leather jackets that I got and the beautiful scarves I bought in H&M.

I enjoyed the gelatos in Milan. It was 2.50 euros and some 3 euros. It depends on where you are. I literally overdosed on gelato. Even in the middle of autumn. Di bale nanginig ako, naka boots naman ako and naka scarf pa!


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