I’m glad to be back.

We came back in the midst of Napoles Senate hearing & the wrath of Yolanda. But still I’m glad to be back home.

First thing I did was schedule the following:

1. home service for foot spa (which I badly needed. With all the walking I did for more than 2 weeks), manicure & pedicure and hot oil for my hair.

2. dental appointment. I had this 1 tooth that was giving me a problem on my last day in Paris.

3. have my MacBook Air picked up. It arrived from SFO hand carried by my friend Rex Abello. By the way, if you want to have any Apple product fix or any brand let me know. Rex can fix it and can be trusted.

One can only take so much of a vacation. Somehow you get to a point where you want your real life back. You get to a point where you realize this is too much of a good thing, this is not real, this is not what life is all about and you want to go back home. Desperately.

I came to that point.

Yes, Europe is BEAUTIFUL. No doubt about that. But it isn’t home. And while you are there you try to absorb everything. The scenery, the people, the food, the lifestyle, etc. You learn so much, experience so much and it is indeed very enriching.


We landed in Vienna around 3pm with a beautiful sunny weather. My greatest fear as you all know when I was packing was the weather. I was scared it might be too cold for me. So I was so happy that it was just around 15 C.

We were picked up by the hotel car with a gwapo driver. Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 1

Hmmm…. all signs were there. It is going to be fun!

The outfits


I was already itching to go shopping on our second day but since it was our first time in Vienna we had to do the tourist thing. Like visit churches, museums and Palaces.

Our first stop was the Schonbrunn Palace. We were given earphones while we toured the Palace but I wasn’t really listening I was just looking around and couldn’t wait for it to be over and I wanted to get out of there.

All I remember was this was the Palace of the parents of Marie Antoinette the wife of King Louie XVI of France, Holy Roman Emperor Francis 1 and Empress Maria Theresa. And this is where Marie Antoinette grew up.

And the rest that I miss, I will just google it. Lol.

DSC00639 2.31.36 PM DSC00640 2.31.36 PM DSC00641 IMG_5850 IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5857


We also visited the biggest church in Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

DSC00660 DSC00661 DSC00662 DSC00664 DSC00665 DSC00666 DSC00667 DSC00670 DSC00674

One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen. And very huge. You can go up to the tower and view the whole city. But we didn’t go up anymore cos the line was so long.

And of course para talaga ma todo na ang paging cultured ko, we went to Vienna Opera House.

DSC00642 DSC00645 DSC00646 DSC00647 DSC00649IMG_5864 IMG_5867 IMG_5868 IMG_5889

If you want to know more about Vienna Opera House, just google it cos I don’t know that much also. All I know is that Mozart at one time lived here. In their shop Arcadia they’re selling a lot of souvenirs with Mozart on it. I bought Claudia an apron with a piece written by Mozart. Oh di ba, kung mag bake si Claudia very cultured ang dating.

They have shows like ballet, etc. every night.

We had lunch outside the Opera house. Sorry I don’t have pictures of food. I am not a foodie so I always forget to take pictures.

DSC00651 DSC00652

The whole street where the Opera house was is the shopping area. It’s a very long street and no cars allowed. Everything is here. Sidewalk cafes, restaurants & shops. This is where I belong.

DSC00657 DSC00658 DSC00659 DSC00669 IMG_5869 IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5890 IMG_5891 IMG_5892 IMG_5893 IMG_5895

And here are some street scenes around our hotel area.

IMG_5845 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5843 IMG_5844 IMG_5846 IMG_5849 DSC00636 DSC00632

I think it isn’t surprising anymore that there are a lot of Filipinos in Vienna. Or all over not only in Europe. In the hotel we were staying there were a lot of Filipino staff like Mang Noli. He was in the front desk. It really is an advantage if you know someone especially if you are new to a place. Mang Noli was very accomodating to us.


I promise to come back. It is not very difficult to go around the city cos their Metro is very easy to navigate and convenient. Although most of the people here can’t speak English at least they try to communicate with you in a nice way. Not ma sungit. The weather was nice and the shopping was great!

Next post: Dubrovnik, Croatia



  • I’m glad tha you’re back too, Ms. T! 🙂 And super sulit all the days that you were gone coz ang haba nitong post for all your fans to read. We have really missed you, so thank you for sharing your adventures with us! ❤

  • Oh Ms Tina, you missed a lot.. please stay longer next time you visit and contact me, I will be a willing “guide”.. he he he

    -Michelle (your “fan” in Vienna)

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