Post birthday entry

I received a few gifts on my birthday. But if you know me very well, you will know I hate receiving gifts. I always tell my friends “no gifts” please.

All the gifts I got were all nice and I like all of them. Thank you to all that sent gifts.

But there is one particular gift that deserves an entire entry. Only becos she made a great effort. This is the gift from Jane Go of If you remember I wrote about her before here:

She was one of my early greeter, she wanted to send my gift on my birthday itself but I was in Vietnam. So she waited for a week. When I got back I invited her and her friend Med for lunch. They wanted in Polo Club cos they have never been there. On the day we were suppose to have lunch (I was dressed already) I had an emergency to attend to. I had to cancel last minute but they were already sitted inside. So I spoke to Arnel (waiter in The Last Chukker) and told him to get their orders and I will just sign it when I go there. So to cut the long story short they were able to have lunch without me.

Jane wrote about their lunch here: You have to read her entry so you will understand my story.

When I got home this is what was waiting for me:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11

woooh, it was so huge! The maid put it in our altar. And my whole house smelled so good for many days.

She wrote about how she prepared my gift here: And again you have to read her post before you go on with my story.

I was so touched. Who else does this? I mean come on. How many people in your life would you put this much effort on their birthday? I felt so special and loved. I just hope I deserve the love Jane is giving me.

I waited for the flowers to wilt before I put it away. I specifically liked that wooden lady. I had an idea already on what to do with it.

Yesterday the flowers were wilted so I told the maid to throw it away. The balloons are still flying so I tied it in the post of my bed. And it’s still flying as I am writing this.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12

As you all know I am re organizing my stuff and I am not done yet. Manette and me are not finish with our “project” (organizing my accessories). Manette casually asked me: “saan natin ilalagay si Ms. T?” Which for a moment I got confused. Ms. T? I was thinking sinong Ms. T?

Oh, si Ms. T! this is where we will put Ms. T:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12

I placed her on top of the plastic drawers where I store all my accessories. I will do a DIY project with Ms. T. I am thinking of putting some pins around the point where the wooden bars are and I will hang all my big necklaces around her. I am so excited!

Thank you Jane. No words, really. The world need more people like you and I am so lucky to have you as a friend.


  • Oh ms. T! ❤ I am jut so honored & touched that you have dedicated an entire blog post to ME! 🙂 I am tearing & smiling ear-to-ear as I read your post while having lunch here in Cibo with my daughter Jana haha. People around me are probably thinking I'm one crazy gal! 😛 You deserve all the adulation, you are forever & ever my queen & goddess. Love you! ❤ PS- It's so cute that you have named the statue Ms. T. haha. Sabagay, shala rin sya so bagay na bagay! ;))

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