My Tuesday

1. Claudia went to my room and complained that I don’t cook anymore. How do you expect me to cook when you eat out all the time. I eat out all the time cos you don’t cook anymore. This conversation went on for a couple of minutes until she said cook me chicken for dinner (this was around 6pm already).

Oh my god. Don’t do this to me. You don’t expect me to whip up a meal in short notice. If you want me to cook, you have to give me time.

Na stress ako bigla. What to cook? Then I suddenly remembered Chicken katsu.

Chicken katsu saved my life. She loved it.

2. Smart called me cos I’m over my credit limit. What? What do you mean? “Maam, your bill as of today is P18+ na po.”

Then I remembered I was in Vietnam this month. Yes, my roaming was on but I hardly used it cos I couldn’t use it there was hardly any signal. I used it a couple of times to call but I did not expect my bill will be this huge.

You need to pay P10,000 po by tomorrow to avoid redirection.

I hate unexpected expenses.

But I guess it’s better than paying P8,000+ kasi binato mo yung phone mo. Like what happened to my friend Roxanne. LOL! Nagwala, binato ang phone she ended paying P8,000+ to have it fix.

3. I received an email today that made me feel good:

Click photo for larger view

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 5

4. Yesterdays left over chicken pork adobo was so good I ended eating more than 1 cup of rice for dinner.

5. I miss my laptop.



    • sure!
      dip your chicken breast in 1.flour 2.egg 3.bread crumbs then fry it. low fire lang para hindi masunog.

      for the sauce mix soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup & sugar. You make tancha na lang for the measurement kasi it will depend on how much chicken you will cook.

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