Corrupted OS daw

My laptop (Macbook Air) suddenly konked out on me this morning right before I was leaving for lunch so I didn’t have time to freak out.

When I got back from lunch and my short errand and it still wouldn’t start up that’s when I realized that it was time to panic. I hurriedly sent my driver to Istudio at the Fort and have it checked. Corrupted OS daw. It will take at least a week for them to isolate it and have it fix. Whatever that means I just wanted it fix. ASAP.

Next thing to do is find something to use for the meantime while my laptop is in the shop. First choice was Claudia’s Mac PC. I had it moved to my room and when I opened it, WHOA! Na hilo ako. It was huge! 24 inches screen is way too much for me coming from 13 inch Macbook Air.

Second choice is Claudia’s old Macbook Pro. Aside from it being so heavy Claudia changed some things. Like for example the highlight color is not blue, it’s neon green! For the life of me I dunno why someone would want that color.

I really don’t have much choice now cos the third choice would have been my Ipad 3. And there’s nothing much you can do with a tablet.

So for now, I am stuck with this. It’s quite similar to my MacBook Air (so I am not having a hard time adjusting) and besides it’s not really that old. She bought this I think about 2 years ago and naging old lang sya cos she was given a new MacBook Pro last Christmas.

I hate when things like this happens. Technology problems! It feels like your whole world stops.

Moral of the story: always have a back up plan in every aspect of your life cos you’ll never know when shit fits the fan.


  • I learned this a couple weeks ago when I lost my phone which I use for conducting my workshops, taking photos, most online stuff, and as a very anal calendar. Wooohooo! Life felt vulnerable for a couple of days, and I lost many beautiful photos.

    Good luck with ze Macbook.

    • Life is so different now. We all depend on all these technologies!!! Parang we can’t function anymore. What happened to the world?

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