I need space.

I’m in the middle of re arranging my basura. While waiting for them (household staff) to clean up the space in my dressing area, I might as well blog. At least this will be out of the way. In short, multi tasking?

I re arrange my basura at least 3 times a year.

Make space for the new ones and get rid of the old ones. And besides nakaka diri na talaga my dressing area. Oh god, I really didn’t notice how much I have accumulated in less than a year and it’s all jumbled everywhere. I have been telling myself to clean up and arrange everyday but somehow I get derailed.

I went to Landmark earlier and  bought some storage spaces. This is the time I wish Manila has Ikea! I have to make do of whats available here. For me Landmark has the best storage spaces as compared to SM.

Until now I still have a hard time storing my accessories. You have no idea how much I have. And I want that I will be able to store them in such a way that I have easy access everytime I dress up. But it’s so darn difficult. I end up making kalat.

Aside from accessories I need to re arrange my make up, too. Blushes, foundations, concealers, lipsticks, powders, etc. It freaks me out everytime I look at it. I need to have a system to make my life easier. Sometimes it adds up to the stress that I don’t need.

This morning I did my shoes. And tomorrow I will do my bags.

And my shades.



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