Back to the grind

The only thing I hate about coming home from a vacation is how to put yourself back in the grind. When I left I was confident enough to leave everything to my assistant.

“‘nette, ang tindahan ‘wag mong pabayaan.” She replied back: “don’t worry bukas ang tindahan natin 24 hours.”

Claudia was so confused and asked: “what tindahan Mom?” hahaha. I told her: Willow Jewelry. Sometimes she forgets I have a business to run now.

Since I didn’t have internet connection the whole time, all my messages came in the minute I landed back in Manila. Birthday greetings poured in but nothing from the “tindahan.” I started to worry.

A few minutes when I got home Manette texted me and asked if I was home already. I called her right away and asked: “‘nette, ang tindahan?” She told me: “ok ang tindahan natin. Ang daming naka pending kasi you didn’t answer my messages!”

Haaaay, salamat.

I have been busy with our “tindahan” ever since I got back. Come to think of it I never had an actual celebration of my birthday. Not yet anyway. But of course I have a few lunches lined up already.

All your greetings were enough for me. The thought is what matters. You know me I’m old school. Altho’ I love Claudia’s gift to me. She gave me a complete set of Sigma make up brushes.

I freaked out when I opened her gift which surprised her:

You like my gift?

hell, yes! I have been wanting Sigma brushes for a long time already! In fact this is #1 in my shopping list when we go to London. (available only in the UK)

really? I just picked it up randomly.

this is expensive. thank you baby!!!Β (thinking she really saved up for it)

oh, it’s okay. I used my card so daddy is paying.

She was so happy I liked her gift. I heard her teasing her brothers in Skype: “mommy, likes my gift. mommy, likes my gift….”

So, the point of this post is I’m glad I’m back to my normal schedule. Happy to be back in the real world. Happy to be back in your arms people!!!tumblr_msx5u2cjpb1ro74x3o3_250


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