Hard core poetry

Claudia went out last night with her friends. When she went to my room to kiss me goodbye I was too sleepy to notice what she was wearing.

This morning I saw some pictures posted in Facebook and I ran to her room, woke her up and was so excited to ask her.

where did you buy your top?

– Topshop. why?

I have been looking for that kind of top! Does it come in a lot of colors?

– yes. you can’t wear that top!

Why not?

– your boobs will pop out!

No, it wont!

– you will look like you’re having a hard core mid life ing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 10

(claudia in white jeans)

One comment

  • Funny! But do you want to blur your kid’s faces? You mentioned you wanted more privacy before.

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