Oh, Life!

I can’t believe it’s wednesday already! Where did the week go? Being stuck at home for 3 freaking days makes one crazy.

I have a lot of things to do and can’t do anything about it but wait until Maring leaves the country.

My deliveries are all on hold and it’s stressing me out! But it’s a good thing I was able to place all my orders last saturday before Maring came. So, that’s good.

The life of a business woman. hahahahaha! But really. I take this seriously and I love all my clients.

And another thing August is nearly over. Can you believe that? I hardly even notice August came and went. Scary, right? Scary because another year will pass and that means I’m another year older. Oh, god. I’m getting old. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror and see wrinkles I actually see the beauty of growing old gracefully.

I’ve had a tough life. But I had my fair share of the other side of it.

Life is still beautiful.



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