Love songs and me

I have always liked mellow songs ever since I started listening to music. Maybe because ever since I was little I was exposed to Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, etc. Every morning when I wake up my Dad would be playing his records to the point I memorized all Frank Sinatra Songs!

My older sister was into Carole King, Bread, Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, etc., eventually Carole King became my favorite and I would play it all the time to the point that Vinny memorized the whole album of Carole Kings “Tapestry.” Since I have this habit of playing it over and over and over.

My collection is full of sad love songs and French love songs. I don’t have a single dance music.

But for a few months now, or maybe a year I haven’t been listening to my songs cos I end up crying. Going thru peri menopausal, I have been feeling melancholy and I just don’t have the heart to listen to any of my songs. Hindi kaya ng puso ko! My tears will just start falling!

So, I haven’t really touch my music in a long time.

But a few days ago, I downloaded “Frostwire” and the first song I uploaded was Bruno Mars “When I was your man.” HAH. Another sad love song.

I was never a fan of Bruno Mars. Until I met someone related to him. And I became close to his relatives. And only becos his songs are old school type. So, more or less I can relate to his music among all the new artists now.

But this particular song “when I was your Man”, touch a fiber in my being. It just hit me to the core.

I have been playing it over and over and over the whole morning today and….

Yes, he didn’t just hold my hand. He sings me love songs.


  • I love sad love songs too! Even when I’m happy, I still gravitate toward sad songs. There’s just something about their melody. My boyfriend sometimes gets scared when I play sad/goodbye songs, he thinks I’m setting up the scene to break up with him. :p

    • yes there’s something about sad songs.

      re: boyfriend. hahahahaha! kawawa naman. Tell him your just emoting.

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