“It’s okay not to be okay”

It’s okay to not be okay. You don’t have to be happy all the time. Life is not supposed to be a joy ride every single day. It’s okay to have a broken heart or hurt feelings or to be anxious or nervous. It’s resisting these things that give them their choke hold on you. Let it be a beautiful and sad part of the story, but only a page or a chapter here and there, not the whole book. One day you will realize how important these dynamics are.”



  • I’ve been moping all day, nursing hurt feelings. If only that other person realizes that he caused so much pain…but I’d be dishonest if I say I wish him well. I.just.can’t.

    • Allow yourself to feel the pain Rocky. Get thru the process of healing. And when you do heal you will learn a lot about yourself. Everything will pass and you’ll get thru this. 🙂

      • It’ll pass, that’s true. Seems like eternity, but yes, healing takes time. Relate ako ulit sa post mo, Ms Tina…salamat 🙂

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