The Bond that never breaks.

One of the things that I love what I’m doing is when I make something nice for a good friend.

I have known Carol Sutton or Popay to her close friends since our college days. We came to Manila together and we were roommates for a couple of years until we moved on being single.

She eventually got married to an American International Lawyer and is now based in Houston with her triplets who are my godchildren. Isaac, Helena & Noah.

Sure, as friends we had our ups and downs. That’s normal. But when you have built a sincere relationship with someone nothing can ever break that bond you made.

One desperate person tried to break that bond between us 2 years ago the last time she came to Manila but she laughed it off. She knows me too well.

She recently ordered 2 single letter monogram necklaces from me. One for her and one for her daughter, Helena.

When she saw this she wanted it ship ASAP.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11

The bond that never breaks.

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