Vania Romoff

My friend Jinggay Ditan casually told me a few years ago that I should try Vania Romoff. According to her Vania is a young upcoming designer from Cebu and is good.  I am familiar with Vania’s family name cos growing up in Cebu Viring Romoff was one of the popular designers. She happens to be the grand daughter of Viring Romoff.

When Claudia needed a prom dress when she was in her senior year in high school I decided to try Vania.  By then I have already seen some of Vania’s work and I liked it. I wanted Claudia’s prom dress to be made by someone young cos more or less they could relate to each other and know what’s the latest trend in their age group. Besides that I wanted to give young designers a chance.

Claudia hesitated at first becos she didn’t know who Vania was and she wanted some known designer to do her prom dress. I convinced her and in the end she said yes just to get it over and done with. I assured her that one day Vania Romoff will be big. Trust me.

I’m glad she did.

Ever since that first prom dress all dresses of Claudia for special events Vania Romoff made it. And just recently she told me, “you’re right Mom, Vania is so big now.”

See, I told you.

Today, we went to Vania’s shop cos Claudia needs 2 dresses for 2 events that she has to go to this August and September. Vania’s shop moved to LPL Towers in Legaspi St. right across GB5. It used to be in Magallanes. I like her new location now, very near me. And I love her shop. Very homey and very clean.


We ended up getting from her rack which were all nice and everything were all my type and Claudia loved them.


And instead of 2 dresses, Claudia ended up getting 4 cos we couldn’t decide which ones to get. They were all very pretty. I like Vania’s designs. It’s clean, classic, elegant and timeless.

Here are some of the clothes Claudia liked:

IMG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5640 IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645

It took us less than an hour to wrap things up.

Vania Romoff with Claudia.

IMG_5631 IMG_5648


  • How much is the average cost of a dress from her shop ms. Tina? if you don’t mind

    • It really depends on what kind of dress. But I can assure you Vania is not expensive. She is very affordable.

  • Tina, I like the long black dress that’s on the mannequin. How do I get hold of her? I have an occasion to go to in September.

  • Claudia looks gorgeous on the black dress. Your daughter is pretty.
    Pwede talagang makipagsabayan si Vania with the big designers now. Her creations are lovely.
    Thanks for this info, Ms. Tina. God bless.

  • I like the black long dress that your daughter is wearing. I hope she got that too! I follow Vania in Instagram because her designs are simple, sleek yet elegant. 🙂

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