How to look fresh

One of the hardest thing during summer days or living in a tropical country is how to keep your skin hydrated (for dry skin) and how to control oil (for oily skin).

I have been ask so many times how I keep my make up on the whole day under the heat without melting.

Through the years I have learn how to make my life comfortable and looking fabulous living in a tropical city like Manila.

Two things. 1. I know it is difficult to achieve an 8 hour sleep every night but this is the only way for you to look fresh. 2. drink plenty of water as much as you can. Coconut water is even better.

Moisturize. Put on a light moisturizer with spf. Better if it is tinted. Actually bb creams can do this for you. It moisturizes your skin, it has spf and it is tinted. There’s a lot of bb creams out there, it doesn’t have to be branded. Cheap ones are good too. Maybelline and Ponds have very good bb creams.

Conceal. Instead of using heavy foundation, use concealer on the part where you need to conceal.

Clean your face. We all have our own bathroom ceremony before going to sleep. Just don’t forget to wash your face and go to bed with squeaky clean face.



    • ‘cile: bb cream is a moisturizer that has sunblock and has tint (parang foundation). so 3 in one you don’t have to put a lot of products on your face.

  • I read somewhere that there’s CC cream na, how is it different from BB cream? Haha

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