Andy’s first date

The other day Claudia told me that her friend’s shitzu is in heat and if she can borrow Andy to mate with her dog.

I said yes.

I guess it’s about time since Andy is already 2 years old and lately we caught him humping Rocko a few times.


Today is the day. Before Claudia left for school she gave me instructions where to bring Andy.

So, I had Andy ready. We gave him a bath and I sprayed dog cologne so he will be bango on his first date.

I called Joshua (driver) and told him where to bring him.

me: dalhin mo ‘to si Andy sa bahay ni….

Joshua: bakit mam?

me: nag bibinata na si Andy kailangan na nya. (pano ko ba ‘to sasabihin na it won’t come out bastos). Ah, wag ka na magtanong. Basta dalhin mo dun.

Joshua: hintayin ko ba mam?

me: bakit mo hintayin? gusto mo manood?

Joshua: ah, alam ko na. Hindi na baby si Andy mam. hehehe

IMG_5564 IMG_5566

Before the driver and Andy left Vito saw them and I told him about it. He took Andy and sat with him. I heard him telling Andy: “everything will be okay Andy. You’re a man now. Give it all you’ve got.”


Andy is there now and I feel anxious. I’m sure Andy is looking for us. What if he thinks we’re giving him away. I have so many “what ifs” on my mind. I hope he will be able to shoot fast so he can come home already. Rocko’s been looking for him and he looks so sad.

I can’t believe it. I’ll be a Lola soon!


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