Blogger Ako!

I had a few things lined up today. #1 on my list: susugorin ko ang engraver ko. Which I should have done yesterday but I didn’t have time.

When my assistant, Manette, arrived we discussed the day jumped into the shower and hopped in the car looking like this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4

I was ready to get things done.

My engraver messed up again. It happened so many times in the past and this time I am going to put my foot down. No way am I going to let them get away with this. I don’t care if I’ll end up with no engraver. I don’t mind going to Rustan’s to have my jewelries engraved and pay more rather than let them continue to stress me out.

Wait… I am talking about the engraver I use for Willow Jewelry.

Manette and me went to Rustan’s first to check out their engraving and had a few necklaces and bracelets engraved. I was shocked. Rustan’s is way cheaper and way better pa. So, go. I have already a replacement.

Now pwede ko ng awayin ang lecheng Silverworks. They really messed up this time. On our way there I told Manette they better be careful with me, blogger ako. I’ll blog them talaga.

Usually I don’t say that phrase anymore cos everytime I say that Claudia always gets angry and tells me: “mom, can you stop it. You’re so embarassing.”

After dealing with Silverworks we pass by a store that I have never seen before. We decided to check it out.

It was so colorful inside. I heard one customer saying: “tindahan to ng mga O.C.” It was color coordinated.

I was going to take pictures inside but the sales girl told me not allowed. I told her “blogger ako miss ayaw nyo ma feature kayo?” Ayaw daw. LOL. So I took pictures outside.

IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 IMG_5454It’s sort of a gift shop. If you want to buy someone a gift this would be a good place to go. They have really cute stuff.


Tin Coke bins.
I just find this cute. A London bus.
Lavender with vase.
A purple journal. How cool is that?
a set of another purple journal in different sizes.
colorful tin pails.
Flamingo glasses.
A pink replica of Prada’s Baroque sunnies with matching pink ballet flats.
Telephone booth!

The store:


Manette said kaya pala very colorful sa loob the name of the store is an acronym of the colors of the rainbow. Ohhhh… now I get it.


Even the salegirls uniform is rainbow color:


This is another place Chuvaness would call a “wasteland.” Nice stuff that you don’t really need in your life but fun to buy.

Actually after checking out that shop it kinda calmed me down. I didn’t buy anything there. I think seeing the colors of the rainbow de stress me.

I got everything done today which is a good thing.

UPDATE: I messaged Vinny and asked him about his blog stats and he said yesterdays stats was the highest ever.

Blogger na talaga ako.


  • Ms. Tina: Would you know po if Rustan’s is capable of engraving iPad and MacBooks? Yes ma’am! You’re a super certified blogger! Was so sad when you made your blog private after that Inquirer feature. And now, yay, you’re back 🙂

  • May engraver pa rin sa Rustan’s? Had my engagement ring engraved there! Nicer pa than my wedding ring. Hehehe

  • It’s been a while since I last visited your blog, thus I have to backtrack a few posts. I enjoyed looking around the roy&biv store, too! I once took a photo inside, maybe di lang ako nahuli. 😉

    Anyway, I checked out How To Be Square. I liked it since I like reading blogs that are more of personal than labeled. Thanks for sharing!

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