True Story

Yesterday while I was in the airport to pick up Vinny a true human story unfolded right in front of me.

Vinny (coming home for his summer break) messaged me when he got to Hongkong for his lay over and told me that he will land in Manila at 4:40pm and should be out around 5:30pm. And he said he forgot to bring his Manila phone. So, me & Claudia just made tancha.

I was already in the arrival area waiting for Vinny around 5:15pm when I noticed this guy standing in front of me

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10

I posted it on Facebook and I got a lot of comments. Iba ibang klaseng comments and no one could get it right why I posted this picture.

1. “nice ass”

2. “ang sarap kagatin ng butt nya”

3. “is he Mc cutie?”

People, look he is holding a single red rose! How sweet.

It was only Butz Fuentes of who got it and had the funniest comment: “sana hinde mukhang dikya yong gurl…lol”

I told Butz I will take a picture of the “gurl”, so abangan.

A lot of things went in my head:

1. nag dala pa sya ng bulaklak. Kung isa lang din. Pero di bale sweet pa rin sya. It’s the thought that counts.

2. who is he meeting? ano kaya chura? I was already imagining a chimay looking filipina na naka full winter outfit. You know those type you see in the departure area na naka knee high boots and thick winter jacket in the middle of summer kasi excited maging japayuki.

It really made me curious and I got bored also in the arrival area cos Vinnys flight got delayed and I was alone since Claudia didn’t go down the car.

So I stalked  him.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 11Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 9

Naawa na ako sa rose nya. Lanta na kasi delayed flight nga. But there was one thing I noticed. He kept on going back and forth to the other end of the arrival area and was constantly on the phone and he looked so worried. Hindi sya ma palagay.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 8

Who is he picking up? Sobra naman. I mean if it is his wife or girlfriend marunong naman sigurong bumaba yun. He kept on spelling the family name. I did not eavesdrop, he was infront of me so I could hear.

I did not want to leave the area where I was cos baka ma wala sya and I really wanted to see who he is picking up.

But this lady guard kept on shooing me away:

Lady guard: madam, pasahero lang ho ang pwede dito. 
Me: bata kasi sinusundo ko miss. Dito na lang ako
Lady guard: Ilang taon ba?
Me: 23 years old
Lady guard: madam, please lang dun na ho kayo maghintay mawawalan ako ng trabaho sayo
Me: wag ka mag alala bigyan kita trabaho

Leche ka wag mo akong gulohin. But she wouldn’t stop! She also asked this guy to move. So, I went to the area near the carts were so magkatabi pa rin kami. I wanted to strike a conversation with him but I got shy.

We waited and we waited and promise na lanta na ang rose nya. And I noticed also there was this small toy tied to the flower. hmmmmm…

Finally, CX flight landed. Thank god. I waited standing up and kept on dunking the lady guard for at least a good 45 minutes or even more.

And a few minutes after the guy beside me kept on jumping and waving his flower. He was super excited. OMG, ang oa naman nito. Ilang taon ba silang hindi nagkita? Sobrang in love naman nito.

Nandyn na. I better not miss this cos I promise Butz I would take a picture.

And the following scenes just literally made me cry.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 7 Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13 Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 12

It was his baby girl. My heart twitched. This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. No wonder there was a toy tied in the flower. That was a giveaway.

My heart literally choked me. That I forgot about Vinny!

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 9

When the lady guard saw Vinny she told me: “madam, adult na yan ha.”

Tumahimik ka. Bebe ko yan! Sayang gawin pa naman sana kitang Lieutenant sa Barangay Dasma security force.

When I entered the car Claudia was telling me: “Mom, I was crying about the little girl and her dad.” She was also following my FB feed while waiting inside the car.

Yay, my Vinny is home

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 9

One down, one more to go. Vito is arriving next week.


  • That was so sweet!! Being able to witness something like that first hand is indeed priceless. Pwedeng Mastercard commercial.

    And: “bibigyan kita ng trabaho”. Lol! 😛

  • Aawww! The sweetest!
    Ang galing mo talaga Ms. Tina! Maabilidad to the max! 😉

    Pati si Lady Guard natuwa! and she just missed your offer – Lt. sana sya ng Dasma! hahaha!

  • Hi Tina! Followed this link via FB. I love your sense of drama. Loved the story too. So heart-warming. I can so relate to your looking after your bebe. I have one too, he just turned 25. All the best to your blog. Cheers from Down Undah!

  • I was on the train while reading this and it made me teary eyed, moments like this is priceless!

    and your “bigyan kita trabaho!” line is bongga!


  • this one made me teary eyed…I was excited on following the story yesterday, yes babies make me cry….this is a heartwarming blog ever written….it showed how big is your heart tina…you valued family first, and the twist on the story was this guy who brought us to tears……I can’t imagine how painful for the father to let his precious baby to travel alone…in comparison to another BABY…Vinny ,hahahahhaaha…it was a compassionate contrast but same good old feeling to shower to our love ones the love…….baby or adult. haaaaaaaaaaay naku I will cherished this pang Pulitzer blog of yours… gipanghinambog jud naku sa akong mga friends who ask me what I did on Friday..i said I followed a mini teleserye….was it MY HUSBAND’S FRIEND? on gma?…I SAID NAHHHHHH…it was stalking/following/family bonding of a friend Tina who picked up his baby of 23 at the airport…ahahahahahahaha…..sarap ng feeling to hug a kid…….muahhh tina …I love you more! /butz

  • Hay, things like these makes us all feel human… zombie na din kasi ako most of the time..

    That scene was so sweet! Thanks for sharing Ms Tina!


  • It made me teary-eyed following your thread on fb abt the mag-ama, love the way you captured everything from start to finish… Good job Tina:) It’s heart-warming to see you and your children together again! Keep well…

  • Super tawang tawa ako dun sa thought #2 mo Ms Tina!…then naisip ko,ang tawag namin ng mga friends ko sa mga ganyan is Postcard!!haha…but this made me teary eyed too,na excite ako as I was reading kasi I was anticipating something else..but awww it was so sweet!!

  • Aaawww…. Isn’t that the sweetest? And I also noticed this in my travels in Europe, whether they’re gonna pick up a friend, a family member, a boy/girlfriend, a spouse, etc. at the airport, they’d always have flowers (single stem or a bouquet) as a welcome gift.

  • Hello Tina,
    Thank you for witnessing and sharing that heartwarming moment between the father and his beloved little girl. I believe it was not a coincidence that you were there next to him, that you found a way to be near where he was standing to witness everything… It just had to be you who would best be able to share with everyone that poignant moment! A gentle reminder that pure fatherly love still exists. Lovely and inspiring. Thank you Tina for taking the time to share. And welcome home to your son Vinny. 🙂

  • That’s the sweetest thing ever. And yes, my son’s taller than me pero bebe ko ‘yun.

  • You are so sweet about the Caucasian nice-butt, but so condescending with your “chimay-looking” kabayan. What happened?

  • PRICELESS! I can’t wait to see my 21 year old bebe this Christmas! Question? where’s the Mum? was she the one in black? (sorry chismosa lang 🙂

    • yun na nga eh, thats the reason why he was so worried cos the child was travelling alone. Unaccompanied minor. An airline crew was with her. Hindi sya talaga mapalagay the whole time while waiting. He talked to all the airport people. Even to the airport police, all the guards. And he was constant;y on his cellphone. Tapos na delayed pa the flight so the more he got worried. I would, too if I was in his shoes. The girl look so young maybe 5-6 years old.

      • SWEET!!! naiyak na naman ako 😦 Thanks Tina for your response!

  • This story is so sweet and heartwarming! And I love the way you wrote about it, as usual. The story could’ve stood on its own but you made it hilarious and witty with your trademark humor.

    Thank you for sharing, Ms. Tina!

  • OMG this post is so sweet 🙂 So that’s the mom in the pic? 🙂 cute!! But i found this really funny: “was already imagining a chimay looking filipina na naka full winter outfit. You know those type you see in the departure area na naka knee high boots and thick winter jacket in the middle of summer kasi excited maging japayuki.” hahaha!! I followed your blog Tina before in LJ and I’m glad you’re blogging here now 🙂 added to blog list 🙂 Cheers!

    • no, thats not the mom. The little girl flew alone. Unaccompanied minor, I dunno where the mom is. Thats why he was sooo worried pala cos walang kasama. An airline crew accompanied her down.

  • Lady guard: madam, pasahero lang ho ang pwede dito.
    Me: bata kasi sinusundo ko miss. Dito na lang ako
    Lady guard: Ilang taon ba?
    Me: 23 years old

    I CAN’T EVEN……. hahaha!!

    I can just imagine how worried the dad must be. This whole story that has unfolded before your eyes and eventually shared with us is really heartwarming. So, thank you for making my heart smile today. ❤

  • Awws shucks! i felt a tingle in my heart. thanks Ms. Tina for sharing this blow by blow story. Pwede ka nang maging field reporter..

  • This brought tears to my eyes…to see the father reunite with her little girl and most of all sa kakatawa! ! You really make my day Ms.Tina. Thank you so much.

  • I stumbled upon your blog and I was hooked na. Dyosmeh I spent the whole morning here in the office backreading all your posts!
    Award ang mga one liners and side comments mo
    I was looking for a fanpage in your FB that I can follow?

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